The Lister Fertility Clinic offers free standard IVF treatment or egg freezing for women who want to egg share

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About Lister Fertility Clinic

The Lister Fertility Clinic is widely recognised as one of the leading fertility treatment centres in the UK. The clinic was established in 1988. Since opening, it has maintained the reputation as being one of the most successful clinics for IVF treatment.

Egg Sharing
Egg Sharing is a unique programme designed to benefit two groups of women, those who need IVF treatment; and those who need anonymous egg donation. The Egg Sharer will receive standard IVF treatment if she chooses to share her eggs with another woman who is unable to produce or use her own eggs. The woman sharing her eggs will not be charged for her own standard IVF treatment apart from the HFEA license fee.

Egg Freezing with Egg Sharing
Egg Sharing offers women free egg freezing treatment and 1st year storage. Some Women choose to freeze their eggs to preserve their fertility. Egg Freezing has becoming more popular in recent years, as it provides them with the freedom to choose when they have their children.

Egg Donation
Egg donors are unique and remarkable women. Their kindness and generosity allows many couples achieve their dream of having a family. Egg Donors go through the process of an IVF cycle to help a recipient couple to hopefully achieve their goal of becoming a family. Egg Donation offers new hope for a large number of women who previously thought they could never have children. As per the HFEA guidelines donors receive a maximum compensation to £750 in recognition of the inconvenience and time given.

Our success rates

The egg donation team at The Lister Fertility Clinic has a history of continued successes.
Pregnancy rate
Birth from complete cycles

Criteria to become an egg sharer or egg donor

Women aged between 18 and 35

Have an acceptable AMH hormone level and antral follicle count

Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 30

Do not have any genetic or transmissible diseases

Do not have a personal or family history of inheritable diseases


Mrs L. Mellor
IVF is one big, emotional rollercoaster, but it is made so much smoother when you find the right clinic.
Mrs L. Mellor
Mrs Millie Heath
The Lister Fertility Clinic really is at the top of its game... compared to our previous experience of fertility treatment, we were treated with so much care: we weren’t just a number.
Mrs Millie Heath

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